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Unicon Solutions - Collaborative decision-making. Sharing critical operation content in the cloud. Managing customer satisfaction from all touch-points. It all works together. Affordable, Productive and Profitable
Unicon Solutions - Table of Top Business and Technology Priorities in 2013..  This data comes from Gartnerís 2013 CIO Agenda ó Insights Brochure, Hunting and Harvesting in a Digital World: The 2013 CIO Agenda, which is based on the results of a recent survey of 2,053 CIOís.  See  (Jan 2013)
Business Intelligence (BI)                                 
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Take advantage of actionable business insights, driven by analytics, to control and share organizational knowledge. This sharable single version of the truth promotes more informed, timely decisions enterprise wide.
Collaboration and Document Management                            
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Optimize productivity, accuracy, and accountability using collaboration technology to automate and standardize business processes. You can leverage content management, workflows, enterprise search, and internal and customer facing portals to improve your competitive posture, corporate agility, and your bottom line.
Cloud and Office 365 Solutions                                 
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Cloud computing allows you to take advantage of technology that is hosted remotely, delivering anytime, anywhere, any device access to critical work-knowledge. Cloud computing offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model (expense vs. capital outlay), on-demand scalability (up and down), and ease of implementation and rapid deployment (time-to-market).
 Healthcare - A Perfect Storm Brewing?                                 
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The uncertainties impacting the health ecosystem have been top of mind for all stakeholders - providers, payers, patients, and society as a whole. With the rules of engagement changing constantly - ARRA/HITECH, Meaningful Use, and 5010/ICD-10 Mandates to name just a few - inevitably the conversation turns to identifying which enabling technologies are essential for providing an integrated, sustainable solution.
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