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Unicon's healthcare focus :
Over the years, Unicon has been successful in marketing and supporting its business intelligence solutions to healthcare organizations worldwide. With a perfect storm on the horizon, new enabling technologies can lead the way for satisfying industry mandates and helping ensure optimal patient outcomes. We can help.

Healthworkers using Knowledge Driven Health

Knowledge Driven Health
Connecting people and systems, enabling improved collaboration for more informed decision making, improving patient safety, personal health and clinical outcomes.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content Management
  • Collaboration/Workflows
  • Office productivity tools
  • Mobile solutions
  • Cloud computing

Application Solutions (Hosted or On-premise)
Just as Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are enhancing hospital management and compliance functionality, specialty applications are addressing the gaps that general EHR solutions cannot cover such as:
  • Dynamic Case Management
  • Extended Relationship Management
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